Cutethulu personal edition

Design your own personal Cutethulhu geocoin!



Follow the link: “Personal Cutethulhu geocoin” in our shop and:


1) Choose amount of coins: Choose if you want to design a package of 25 or 35 coins (for other quantities feel free to contact us) and place your order.


2) The price includes three enamel colors per side (solid PMS colors and transparent colors are included) on each side of the coin. The coin is in black nickel.


3) Choose special enamels: Special enamels (e.g. glow in the dark or glitter enamel) can be added to the coin. Please note, that it is only possible add one glitter color and one glow in the dark color per side.


Example: if you choose glitter and glow on the front and glow on the back you will have to add three special enamels.


What next?

After your personal Cutethulhu Geocoin is ordered you have to provide a colored and annotated drawing of your version to Helping information (e.g. plain artwork, colored charts can be found here. Last order for a personal edition is 5th October.  The coins are expected to be shipped to you in early November.


The artworks will be posted here. We will work on a first come first served basis, if your artwork is very similar to an earlier submitted artwork the owner of the earlier artwork might be allowed to veto your artwork.



The price depends on the amount of coins you are buying and the chosen special enamels. 
For orders to Germany a VAT of 19% is applied. For orders to the rest of EU the Swedish VAT of 25% is applied. Orders outside the EU are sent tax free.


To get the correct price in the store register a shop account or use the "estimate shipping & taxes" function in the shopping cart. 


Since all geocoins are handmade there will be small differences between them and minor errors could occur. We will mint 2-3 extra coins of each version to ensure that everybody get coins of good quality. The surplus coins might be sold in grab bags after the project is finished. The participants will have the first chance to order grab bags.



Bank transfer is preferred. If the invoice is paid via bank transfer; one limited Wellner Cutethulhu Geocoin will be added as a free gift for each ordered set of coins.


Additional coins and items from the shop can be added to your order. All items will be held and shipped with your personal Cutethulhu Geocoin when the coins are finished.


Design tips

Three colors per side are included (solid PMS colors and transparent colors). Glow in the dark and glitter colors are available, but will be additionally charged.


Transparent colors on the backside tend to be very thin, especially in the text "Trackable at" and "Cutethulhu".  Thus metal could shine through. We recommend to not use transparent enamel on the backside of the coin, but to prefer solid PMS colors. Glow can be used but the glow effect on the texts will be very weak.



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